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Last Updated: Aug 19, 2014 10:26AM CEST

What are your licensing terms?

Our terms of use are here: Most public blocks are licensed with Eclipse Public License (EPL). 

You can view it here:


What is the licence for the runtime system?



Can I develop open source applications with Reactive Blocks?

Yes. The licensing scheme allows developers to write open source applications with Reactive Blocks, if you share your blocks publicly you are even entitled to be a free plan user.


Can I write commercial or proprietary applications that run with Reactive Blocks?

Yes. The licensing scheme allows proprietary developers to write applications with Reactive Blocks.


Can I embed third party modules or code into my blocks?

Yes you can, but you must be careful if you are obliged to or intend to share your blocks publicly. In that case you must make sure all modules used are compatible with the EPL license. 
The Eclipse Foundation has a good overview here:


What is derivative work?

A new block is considered a derivative work when the source code of the original module was used, modified, translated or otherwise changed in any way to create the new program.

Derivative work is not blocks created by linking to libraries that were designed and intended to be used as libraries.

The exception is obviously when this is stated differently in the licence text of the library, for instance in the classpath exception to GPL (  


Can I publicly share blocks that are derivative work of GPL modules?

From the above: no.


Can I publicly share blocks that use libraries shared under LGPL license?

From the above: Yes, you can include libraries (jar/so/dll) that does NOT have the classpath exception in it's license text.


What do I need to do when publishing blocks that is derivative work?

You must read and understand the license terms of the original code or module and make sure you follow it’s license terms, that may be attribution, adding license files or other.


What is dual licensing?

When software is multi-licensed, recipients can choose the terms under which they want to use or distribute the software.
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